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MISSION:  To maintain personal contact with all of our clients.  We work hard to customize each management package to fit the personality of the property and Board of Directors.  We will continue to provide all of our clients the customer service that has made us successful. We understand that board members are volunteers and we are being paid to provide services to make those volunteers shine.  Management is the buffer between the board of directors and residents in areas of compliance and collections.  We work with committees as well as all areas that the board of directors determine.

ADMINISTRATIVE- We have two office locations to provide quality service to our clients. 

FISCAL- We provide and maintain timely financial statements.  We work with each board to customize budgets and long term plans for our associations.

MAINTENANCE-.  Each manager does a monthly inspection of the property.   Therefore maintenance items are dealt with in a timely manner.  We monitor vendor contracts and meet regularly with the vendors that provide the curb appeal services to the community.


TECHNOLOGY- When you call our office you reach a person who will help you make the contact you need.  We are in the fast paced world of cell phones, faxes, email and constant communication. We provide additional staff to help our managers communicate.

COMMUNICATION- We embrace that we are in a service industry.  Customer satisfaction is a priority.  We strive for timely communication. In an effort to maintain the personal touch, we do not have an automated phone system. You will always speak to a live person in our office.  However since we provide hands on management our managers are out of the office often, therefore we have administrative assistants to help with our in office daily operations.  After hours, we have an answering serviced that pages the manager with a detailed message.  We work together as a team.  Emergency calls can be handled 24 hours a day.  

CONCLUSION- Casey Management’s goal is to work in conjunction with each board of directors to establish a good relationship between owners, board members and management.  The success of the team translates directly to the success of the community.  We want to help the board of directors increase property values while being fiscally responsible with long term planning and short term budget projections.  



4370 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 102  |  Sarasota, FL   34231


941-922-3391  |  Fax 941-921-2254  |  1-800-237-3628

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