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CMM Weekly Update - May 15, 2020

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Well we are into our second full week of “phase 1” openings.  This has not changed the schedules of our staff too much, however, we have seen a tremendous increase in phone calls and emails.  We are still rotating our office and work from home days in order to allow for the proper social distancing in place.  I did not send out a weekly update last week as we have been running at full speed since the reopening process began.  Projects have started, meetings have resumed, site inspections have begun again and the other items that are part of our every day operations continue.  Our website does have the weekly reports posted if you missed any of the other weeks.  I will continue these through the end of May.  


We continue to attend as many of the fascinating webinars as we can while doing our regular day to day operations.  We appreciate all the board members who share information they are also learning during this time.  We hope to see the webinars continue.  


The past week we have spent time reviewing our protocols for the hurricane season.  We have heard that this may be a very active season. If the fact that Arthur is expected to form as the first storm of the season over this coming weekend seems to reinforce this.  We updated our website with the current information on where to go for Hurricane Information for both Sarasota and Manatee County.  Our motto has been, if we properly prepare, the storms will go the other way.  At least that is how things work in my pink bubble world. 


Casey Management will be holding a staff meeting on May 27th at our main office to make sure that all of our staff is on the same page for the hurricane season. 


We have continued to work at full time capacity during the entire COVID 19 experience.  As a company, we ask that our staff limit their vacation time during the months of October through April as those are typically our high volume months for meetings, projects, budgets, audits and owner occupancy.  We are entering our vacation season.  Our staff members need to take their vacation times in order to recharge and rest and reset their body, minds and souls.  We are encouraging all of our staff to plan to take at least part of their vacation sooner rather than later as the season and then the past two months have been very trying mentally and physically.  We will utilize our auto replies when we are on vacation.  The Casey Team will work to cover for the person on vacation so that there are no issues for our clients. 


I am so very proud of all of our staff.  The challenges that they have met head on have been met with grace and patience.  Have a good weekend, I will be logging off to recharge this weekend.  See you all next week.


Thank you,


Bridget Spence

Casey Management

Main Office 941-922-3391

Lakewood Ranch Office 941-727-4698

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